Update: Custom Properties grouped in Advanced Chart Editor for the XrmToolBox

A new version of the Advanced Chart Editor for the XrmToolBox was just released, so make sure you have the latest version. (1.2018.1.14)

A couple of bugs around pie charts has been fixed, so all the custom properties for pie chart should now display correctly. An issue with spaces in the custom properties section caused some properties to show up twice. This has also been fixed.

As a usability improvement, custom properties are now grouped logically in the editor so it should be easier to find the property you are looking for.

For all the chart types you can use out-of-the-box in Dynamics 365, all custom properties are in the tool. The custom properties are all chart type specific, so you will see a different set of custom properties on a pie chart, than you would on a bar chart for example.

If you switch from one chart type to another in the series, and click “Save”, you will see the custom properties that are available for the chosen type when navigating to that section. However, the tool will not remove any existing custom properties, so you may have some “leftovers” from the previous chart type. If that happens, they will show up in the “Others” section and you can safely remove those.


Full release note are available here.

Hope you enjoy the updates. Of course, lots of thanks goes to Mohamed Rasheed who’s been doing the development.  

We are working on adding more features, so as always, please sign up for my newsletter and follow me on Twitter to stay tuned.

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